"Communication is the No. 1 skills gap"
- Jeff Weiner, Linkedin CEO
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About 2interact

We all want to be successful in whatever we do, Success builds on success, but why are so many not reaching that?

Communication is the number 1 issue in sales, in teams at all levels, in companies, in procurement, in education, in negotiation and in most other work and personal related areas.

It is the main contributor to success ..... or failure. We are not talking about process driven communication, but communication from a human perspective ... understanding people.

That is exactly what we do at 2interact. We provide a framework for communication to show how people differ, we then show you where you fit in that framework and finally make it real and practical for your environment.

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This profile together with appropriate workshops or coaching will change your communication greatly. This award-winning profile forms the basis of all workshops or interventions.

Our Team

Deon Basson

Deon has been in the training industry for 14 years and the passion has grown over that time seeing how people develop and start performing. His prior experience was in sales, sales management, sales director and chief executive of companies. He has been involved in training of multiple global companies and the 2interact communication framework and associated profile has been used in more than 100 countries. Deon has worked in 14 countries.
Deon holds a B.Sc, B.Sc Hon and MBA.

Ronel Pienaar

Ronel Pienaar is a founding member and Chief Operating Officer and has 24 years training experience covering many different industries, government and universities.
Ronel’s breadth of experience and knowledge has equipped her with the ability to manage strategically. She has excellent leadership skills, business acumen and an ability to effectively lead a multidisciplinary team. She is a visionary and displays innovation with the development and implementation of new training programs.

Andy Smith

Andy is obsessed with building genuine customer relationships while delivering results and growing revenue. He realized early in his career that the key ingredient in any customer relationship is communication. Without good communication is like a nice meal without great company. This means that every conversation must be relevant and resonate with the person/s you are communicating to.
Some of the clients Andy has worked for Southwest Airlines, Microsoft, MasterCard and ExxonMobil.

Bora Kaznirci

20+ years of sales, management, enablement, consulting and manufacturing experience. Using Solution Selling®, DecisionPoint Selling®, Sandler Selling System®, PSM® and Challenger he has trained, guided and coached sellers and sales managers selling into all business sectors in over 50 countries in both English and Turkish to clients of all sizes in virtually all industries. His global perspective on business, sales and culture is an asset to any company creating a high-performance sales culture.

Bernie van Niekerk
Advisory Board

Bernie has advised and trained many leading organizations in a variety of industries on leading concepts within the supply chain. Companies advised include Hewlett Packard, Siemens, GSK, Toyota. He understands and supports the concept that communication enables all other skills. Under his guidance the first communication intelligence training was provided for procurement professionals.
Prior to the training company Bernie Ernst & Young. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences.


The workshops available based on the profile

All the workshops use the profile as a basis for the workshop. The focus is communication intelligence and then applying it to a specific area, e.g. sales, teams, procurement, projects, etc.

Below are write-ups of the different workshops.

Communication Intelligence for Virtual Selling
Communication Intelligence for Virtual Selling.pdf (678KB)

Communication Intelligence in a Virtual World
Communication Intelligence in a Virtual World.pdf (676KB)
Communication Intelligence for IT Professionals
This workshop is applicable to any person and/or team that is part of an IT implementation team or project.
Communication Intelligence for IT professionals v15.05.pdf (735.06KB)

Communication Intelligence for Procurement Professionals
A workshop to improve effectiveness through communication
Communication Intelligence Procurement professionals v15 05.pdf (630.71KB)
Psychology of Communication
This workshop is for teams and general communication
The Psychology of Communication.pdf (722.23KB)
Communication Intelligence for Legal Professionals
A workshop for any legal professional to significantly improve their effectiveness through communication
Communication Intelligence for Legal professionals v15 05.pdf (459.05KB)
Psychology of Communication in Education
This workshop changes the way educators communicate ensuring all learners feel comfortable with the communication
The Psychology of Communication in Education.pdf (805.48KB)

Communication training is now the number 1 skills development requirement in companies

Our Customers

Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people. William Butler Yeats


Our partner model includes training companies, coaching companies as well as training divisions/departments within companies. This could be for profiles and/or our learning material. Please press below to contact us if you are interested in becoming a licensee for Communication Intelligence.

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