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Information and Privacy : The biggest time wastage and cost to any team or organization is poor communication. Be that in day-to-day team communication, project teams or just plain person-to-person communication. The team profile will use the individual profiles to assess your team and what the potential issues could be in communication as well as advice on how to improve.

Communication is an integral part of every human interaction. The most critical part of great communication is the ability to communicate well. The most critical part of a great relationship is communication, be it with individuals or being part of a team. It is the basis of building strong motivated relationships. It is the basis of sales. It is the basis of service. It is the basis of great teams. It is the basis of conflict management. It is the basis of a winning!

“How could it be that some teams can perform well under any conditions and some teams just can’t perform even under good conditions? In this lies the difference between success and failure (be it in business or just a simple conversation), in this lies life.”

The most important contributor to success in communication and hence teams is the ability to understand people and in the process of doing that change our approach appropriately. We all differ in our approaches to communication due to the fact that we all have certain preferences in the way we communicate. Understanding this, we can now change our own “natural style” and make it more appropriate to the person/s we are dealing with and in that greatly enhance our success.

The 2interact team profile will assess your team’s preference in terms of style of communications and behavior in communication. Below are quick descriptors of that :

Communication Styles Communication Behaviors
ANALYTICAL – give me the facts

METHODICAL – give me an agenda

CONNECTED – give me feelings

VISIONARY – give me the future   

COMPETING – My way or the highway

ACCOMMODATING – it is your way

AVOIDING – let’s not deal with it

COLLABORATING – let’s negotiate   



This profile has been used very successfully in improving communication in teams. Some of the areas include management communication, team communication, team building, project team creation and conflict within teams.


Used correctly you will improve your team’s communication dramatically.


We collect information from you when you do our profile. The email address you provide will only be used to send you the report and information pertaining to your report and profile. Your private information will not be stored on our servers and will not be disclosed to any outside parties for whatever reason.